V.i.Z. Film Fest
The idea of the festival is to become familiar with filmmakers' perception of everyday life and to see how that inspires them to generate personal fresh ideas in such a great art as cinematography.

It doesn't matter where you are from or what genre your project represents.

We want to see your vision!
Online Short Film Festival
Any film, or to me any creative endeavour, no matter who you're working with, is, in many cases, a wonderful experience.
Martin Scorsese

Rules & Terms
  • Projects/Films can be from anywhere in the world.
  • Films not in English must have English subtitles, not in the separate file.
  • Films/Music videos/Trailers are accepted with no length limit;
  • Only scripts that haven't been filmed can be submitted to the "Best Script" category with a maximum length of 210 pages.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable.
  • The submitter cannot withdraw the submission after the official selection announcement.
  • For student fees, it is mandatory the student status evidence (e.g. copy of student card included in the project).
  • Films have no premiere requirements or prior screening restrictions that impact Festival eligibility and may have been screened at any number of festivals or other public theatrical exhibitions, broadcast or streamed on television or the Internet, and/or released via any home video or other public distribution platform anywhere in the world.
  • Films will not be shown online.
  • Films must not contain: racism, violation of human rights, discrimination of any kind.
  • The submitters own all the rights to the films. V.i.Z. Film Fest isn`t responsible towards any claims that arise regarding copyrights.
  • V.i.Z. Film Fest has the right to use trailers, stills and posters from the films for promotional purposes only.
We accept entries only on FilmFreeway


Best Film
Best Drama
Best Crime/Thriller
Best Comedy
Best Animation
Best Horror
Best Sci-fi/Fantasy
Best Documentary
Best Experimental
Best at First Time
Best Music Video
Best Trailer


Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Screenwriter
Best Editing
Best Sound Design
Best Soundtrack
Best Script

How does V.i.Z. Film Fest work

You can do it only through FILMFREEWAY website. Click the "SUBMIT" button on the menu of our website and follow the instructions.
At this step, our judges will decide who is "selected" and who is "not selected". They will express their opinion regarding all projects. In both cases you will receive an email with the project status. An email with "Selected" means that you became an official participant of the V.i.Z. Film Fest. If the email is "Not selected" it means that the judges decided not to include your project into the next step. We are very sorry. Don't be upset, everyone has their own vision. But we would definitely like to see your new project next time.
It can be only five "Finalist" in each category. You will receive the second email if your project became "Finalist" in at least one of your chosen categories. If you don't receive the email you are not the one of the lucky five but you were lucky one the step before! That is why we would wait for your new project next time.
"Honorable Mention"

If you have received this email this means that your project did not get the "Finalist" status however judges could not leave such an interesting vision without their attention. This email is an incentive and appreciation of your hard work. Keep up the good job and best of luck in future projects which we would love to see next time.
At this step everything is simple. If you receive an email "Winner" it means that judges have decided that your project is the best in a particular month in a certain category. Also this means that your project will have a chance to be named "The best project of the year" in certain category.
At the end of the year we will choose the best project among the winners of all the months in each category.
You will receive a special notification if your project reached the top!
Meet our judges
Judges don't actually judge they just express their view.
Anatolii Anatoliev
Screenwriter and actor
Anatolii is the founder of "V.i.Z. Film Fest". He has played a few film roles and series but his passion is screenwriting. His scripts were filmed and had success on different festivals in different countries. He also has experience in screenwriting for cultural and historical projects.
Alexandra Likhacheva
Actress and tutor
Alexandra is a performer in many roles in the cinema and on the theater stage. She is acting instructor and scenic speech tutor. She is the founder of the International Theater Festival "Theaters of the World".
Yurii Onyshchenko
Director and producer
Yurii is the founder of "ONYKAFILMS" production studio and the OFA Festival. He has received international awards as a director, cinematography an as a producer. His vision, creativity and professionalism in filmdom makes his films unique and recognizable.
Irakli Maruashvili
Actor and Singer
Irakli performed of more than dozen roles in series and feature films which includes the main parts. He is also a singer with the big background who was participant of final steps of television music's competitions and a part of music duo.
Mila Scerbacova
Director and sreenwriter
Mila has lived in three countries where she studied filmmaking. She got acquainted with new cultures and various ways of filmmaking. She also significantly increased her vision of the world which was reflected in her projects. She is always in search of new knowledge and experiences.
Ihor Levchenko
Ihor is a theater actor and member of an experimental theater group. He was participating in feature films and short films which were at many international film festivals.
Alex Naumets
Film critic and actor
Alex maintains his personal blog about cinema. He is well aware of the trends of modern art. Pay no regard for his glasses because his vision of cinema is sharp.
Julia Maslenko
Filmmaker, singer,
stage director
Julia is the founder and the head of the acting studio "Art Studio Lampa". Singer and a songwriter under the stage name "Delanima". She is a filmmaker and the stage director.
Remember that all is opinion.
Marcus Aurelius
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